From her earliest days, Sarah has inspired those around her to reach for their highest potential whether that’s through introducing fun and edgy clothing into their wardrobe or overhauling toxic lifestyle choices for a happier, healthier existence. She takes her enthusiasm and knowledge about many different subjects and helps empower others with the information they need to make a lasting and meaningful change in their life.

Sarah has been a force of positivity and influence for almost 30 years using many different tools from music to athletics and writing as well as yoga, plant medicine and vegan, whole, unprocessed plant foods to help bring healthy change into the lives of those who trust her guidance. She has



Sarah teaches at-risk and underprivileged youth how to cope with their challenging home environments or their lack of a stable living situation through meditation and gentle yogic movements called asana. Through her activist work she realized there was a great need for the support and deeper exploration of teacher-student roles that activists encounter when in the field helping youth and social workers. She offers training to these individuals as well as recommendations on integrating movement and positive yoga-based education into the classroom or conversation.


As a mother of two children, Sarah holds family dear to her heart. She has been working tirelessly since the birth of her eldest child to advocate on behalf of midwives, doulas, and other “alternative” birthing professionals. She has assisted in some births and teaches pregnant and postpartum classes to help mothers cope with the stressors and changes during this momentous and absolutely joyous time of life. She has herself experienced the joys and sorrows of modern birthing options from c-section to home water birth.  For more motherly thoughts, see radicalmadre.com


The greatest lesson that anyone can learn is how to heal themselves.

It is with this philosophy of self-reliance and natural based medicines, that Sarah prepares her own herbal remedies. From essential oils to fresh, hand-picked and wildcrafted plants, Sarah combines only the greatest ingredients together to create blends that nourish the body and soul while immensely aiding the healing of ailments. Her products are available for purchase by request and made to order and she is available by appointment for consultations.

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Always active since a small child, Sarah has always been active and finds great joy in encouraging others to find their own endorphin boost through light to intense physical adventures from a walk around the block to appreciate the little things (like gorgeous flowers, birds, and even just humanity) to long hikes, bike riding, or even marathons. She is a 500 hour certified yoga professional as well as having extensive knowledge about competitive swimming. She runs, hikes, practices mixed martial arts, and of course walks (stopping to smell the flowers and all) in her spare time. Many have found their own exercise routine through her encouragement and knowledge. Have you hit your stride yet?


Enhancing your lifestyle from the clothes you grace your body with to the way you talk about yourself are all parts of the lifestyle that Sarah addresses. She looks at the whole body, the whole person and helps those ready to make a power change in their life to realize their true potential. From beauty, fashion, fitness, and love, to activism, presence, family, and balance, Sarah knows how to help people fit the pieces of their life together.


Arguably one of the most important areas of service, Sarah is highly knowledgeable in the area of nutrition and serves as a go-to source for many different individuals and entities seeking answers about health. She has contributed the foundation for many successful short-term cleanses including her own programs based around shifting personal belief systems and dietary choices. With an emphasis on whole, plant-based, organic, locally grown (better yet– home grown!) foods, she educates and empowers people seeking the truth about what’s going in their bodies. While she prefers to eat only the best foods around, she teaches that it’s making an informed choice that works for each individual’s lifestyle. Nutrition is as crucial as eating purely delicious and nutritious foods whenever possible but nothing compares to the empowerment of knowing what you’re buying, eating, and passing up.

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Every parent has questions and frustrations from time to time and of course loves to share their triumphs and memories. As a mother (and of course previously a long-time care taker of children) Sarah loves to share information on parenting and build the parent community. With a special affinity for baby-wearing, Sarah works to provide family friendly lifestyle tips, tricks, and assistance. For more, see radicalmadre.com


As a classically trained woodwind specialist, Sarah has been engaging with music for over 20 years. She has done vocal stylings for diverse genres of music and composes in her spare time. She believes that music is the language of the soul and seeks to inspire others through the beauty and raw power of music.


Through an asthanga-based philosophy of yoga, Sarah has been an avid student of yoga her entire life. Under the guidance of many talented and amazing gurus, most notably Kristyan Sterjne and Jano Galindo, Sarah learned how to teach others yoga asana safely and effectively while also delving deeper into the yoga philosophy. Since her first official yoga class (as yoga has always been an informal part of Sarah’s life), Sarah has accrued over 1,000 hours of yogic studies as well as teaching experience and teaches a diverse array of “styles” from pre-natal, post-partum, baby, toddler, child, teen, at-risk youth, gentle, differently-abled, vinyasa, and more challenging posture series for advanced students. She has taught many different people from professional MMA fighters to elderly women (“silver age”). With her ever-deepening understanding of yoga, she helps others to find the physical postures they need to enhance and reclaim their lives.

Sarah has always worked to help those who seek her assistance to set their lives back on track with one-on-one and group lifestyle consulting. She addresses the whole body for a lasting and meaningful soul transformation. From recommendations on recipes, food choices, exercise programs, spiritual counseling and constant empowerment, many have seen and experienced deep and profound change happen with Sarah’s aid.

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