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  • 😔 rest in peace.
  • Literally my feels all week 😂 but I love what I do so it could be worse. ❤️
  • Drove it up from the Bahamas, ran over my neighbors, all over the newspapers, donuts on your lawn, no scratches please. #premiumonly #bitchincamaro #classiccars #canthelpmyself #camaro #everytimeiseeone #deadmilkmen :)
  • No but for real, these dogs at Balboa Park yesterday were everything.
  • Veggie chicken satay 😍👌❤️ lunch while I was werkin' hard and hardly werkin' - when you love what you do the play seeps in to every moment and makes the inspiration flow like chicken satay on a sunny Saturday. ✌️
  • Oh stop- you're making me emu-tional. #iknowitsanostrich #wordplay #selfiesaturday #selfie
  • Had the pleasure of hanging out with an apparent biohazard last week and have spent the past few days coughing, snotty, and voiceless lol. So it occurred to me that reviewing the best practices for avoiding and mitigating sickness will help! My go to when I'm actually sick isn't pictured here though! Anyway, building your immune system in general especially with kids is a great MO. Echinacea (purple flower) along with astragalus root helps to strengthen the immune system overall (echinacea is better for quick strength, astragalus is better for long term strengthening), elderberries help with illness especially with a cough and of course sleep! Sleep is so important! :) the picture in the bottom right is kombucha because unbalanced internal landscapes can definitely impede healing! Also, kombucha can help mitigate coughing and throat infections due to its high probiotic content. :) stay healthy!
  • This has basically been me this week. Like who needs a charging cable for your phone when you have the portable juice box and a wall plug? Lol. Thanks for hangin in with me. I have not yet become obsolete or extinct. ❤️ how is your week? 😘
  • Shed the old you so you can grow into who you are, who you are meant to be, who you are becoming❤️

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