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  • You know what the difference between an abuser and a rapist is? Their choice of abuse. An abuser uses psychological and physical manipulation to control their victims to gain personal satisfaction (though insatiable, it's the goal) while a rapist uses psychological or physical manipulation to sexually violate their victims. The end goal- control or sex- is irrelevant because the process is the same. The thing with both of these types of people is that an abuser will only abuse just past the point of what is socially acceptable. There is a reason why tons of rapes use date rape drugs or alcohol because rapists know that consent is a grey area and drunk or slutty looking victims are easy to discredit and therefore easy to target. Conversely, female rapists know men are discouraged from reporting rape and take advantage of the oppressive patriarchal mentalities that shame men into silence. Abusers strictly operate in grey areas. This is why rape and domestic violence levels are highest in the most disenfranchised communities- because these are the people who are least likely to inspire proper Justice and accountability. Trans women are routinely denied proper treatment *in general* by law enforcement let alone when a crime that is routinely dismissed as "equally participatory (see: mandatory dual arrest)" or "consensual (e.g. False rape accusations"). Understanding the warning signs of abusers and rapists, standing up for the victims, and making yourself an ally and informed educator helps to stop this shit. Abusers give off lots of red flags that properly educated people would see and can address but if you don't know, you can't help which puts yourself or people you care about at risk. The same goes for rapists. This is intentional behavior that is abuse- they are not separate kinds of people, they just have separate goals. This is criminal behavior and the sooner we understand it and treat it as such the sooner we can move toward a culture that uplifts instead of dehumanizes and oppresses. I love you all and I hope this was helpful. Blessings πŸ’œ #abuse #abusers #domesticviolence #dv #domesticviolenceawareness #rape #rapeculture #rapist #sexualassault #abuse
  • Quick selfie πŸ’œ #motd #sugarpill #pastelgoth #pastel #cultureclub #boygeorge #addictedtopretty #selfie #fbf #followbackfriday #kawaii #kawaiigirl #wingedeyeliner #goodvibes #ileftmyheartinharajuku #mixed #grateful #blessed #happy
  • Okay so for all the mommies out there who feel inadequate physically, look it's okay to have extra fluff and whatever after baby! That's normal and your body rules regardless of its shape and size! However I get the lack of strength and muscle sucks and so these are legit things I do when nursing my little or when I'm too freakin tired to do an actual workout! I only posted this because I actually do these and I know you can too! It makes me feel better to be working on strengthening and toning my body even if it's not ideal! Sometimes you gotta do what you can and with tiny people that changes completely! What kinds of exercises do you do with young kids? :) xo
  • #tbt to checking out my book being shelved at the zombie apocalypse store in Vegas! Yay! And totally preggers too! Good times! Aside from making people, writing and publishing this book was a wonderful accomplishment of mine! :) happy Thor's Day all ;) #throwback #throwbackthursday #yoga #yogazombieapocalypse #selfpublished #yogamom #pregnantyogi #zombie #zombieapocalypse #writer #author #independentartist #walkingdead #zombieapocalypsestore #yayme!
  • The same goes for racism, ableism, and all forms of bigotry. I'm so goddamn sick and tired of seeing people who have a platform of change based around inspiring and uplifting people and "waking them up" who are saying sexist shit. It's just not okay. I criticize the spiritual community for not really stepping up against the racism and bigotry of the loss of black lives (I.e. #Ferguson) and I say it here and now with the trivialization or omission of women's issues like domestic violence, rape and general inequality (women make 70Β’ on a man's dollar STILL), as well as trivializing things considered feminine (like fashion, make up) and mocking women's responses in this world. No more. Wise up, check your privilege. Open your mind- wake up. There are many problems in this world and in some ways the most insidious one (another post, a book to explain really) is misogyny. So if your truth is serious and you laugh at women, you are no more enlightened than the "sheeple" you think you're better than (see previous post about hierarchy). #feminist #feminismforever #girlpower #wakeup
  • Rainbow πŸŒˆπŸ’—
  • I'm not fucking better than you; you're not fucking better than me. You care about shoes and TV and I care about books and herbs. At the end of the day, we are the fucking same and your passion, goals and love while applied to different shit is my passion, goals and love. STOP PUTTING YOURSELF ABOVE OTHERS. Being spiritual, having a daily yoga practice, reading and learning about lots of stuff, not "needing" material things, eating organic, volunteering in your community, meditation- none of that makes you any better than anyone else and the same goes for people who wear expensive designer clothes and look down on Target and Walmart wearing people. Get over yourself and DESTROY THE IDEA THAT THERE IS A HIERARCHY OF EXISTENCE. If you really love animals, then you realize we are all the same and don't elevate them above humans no matter how fucked ip humans can be. If you really love truth seeking, you realize we are all the same and don't elevate "conscious" people over "unconscious sheeple" because that's fucking wrong. Stop. We are the fucking same. Destroy hierarchy. Just abolish it. And work on your insides to make sure you aren't perpetuating that while you say your shit.
  • It is a mega skill to be able to discern between knock off high end designer pieces and the real thing. Fashion is an incredibly important part of humanity (I have posted about this before) and I think to devalue the interest as vapid and less important or worthwhile than being healthy or seeking knowledge creates the very hierarchy we are seeking to destroy. That passion and ability is admirable and should be cultivated not chastised as vapid or worthless. Make someone understand that eating organic and preferably #vegan is just like investing in a pair of #Louboutins even if it costs more. People can understand these things but it's generally not worth their time to hear YOU out if you're telling them they're stupid for caring about things they've spent their whole life being told are worthwhile and important. Just because you now disagree does not make you the karmic authority on truth. It just makes you capable of building the bridge to knowing and gracefully welcoming people of all kinds. Including the ones who can spot a fake Louis Vuitton (and maybe a fake organic apple later on). (Yes I made these because I saw similar ones that irritated me as "judgey"πŸ˜‰) #health #awareness #organic #fitness #fitfood #eatclean #cleaneating #fashion #louisvuitton #knockoff #compassion #kinddiet #belove #loveall #lightwarrior #eatclean #detox #fast #cleanse #destroyhierarchy #weareallone
  • Instead of trashing people for the choices they make, understand that not everyone has the same passions or understanding of the world! So someone has spent thousands of dollars tricking out their car and you're fruitlessly trying to convince them that taco smell is not the right fuel for their body! So what?! They don't get it! Maybe you need to try explaining it to them in a way they understand instead of insulting the things they've been led to want and worked hard to get! Just because you don't respect their purchases doesn't mean that their choices aren't valid. Anyway, maybe if you explain that conventional food and fast food is like putting diesel in your car that runs on premium and never changing the oil or fluids, that might make some sense. Instead of telling them they're stupid for wasting all this money on a polluting piece of capitalistic mind control that kills the earth and their body all so they have no money to afford food that's healthy... Who would think compassion and understanding would illuminate more than judgment and hierarchy (my way>your way) interactions? πŸ˜’βœŒοΈ

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