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  • Unhappy people are always trying to talk shit and be mean and judgey and hurtful. They are the kind of people that undermine you, make things personal, accuse, pick at, and generally demean you. And why? Because their blood sugar is low (perhaps a seriously underestimated issue which I've read accounts for more marital discord than previously suspected and I've seen it with my own eyes... I digress tho), because they had a bad day, because they can't allow you to be an independent entity with hopes, dreams, aspirations of your own that they have no right to control or influence? Meh. It's not your job to show them why this is a stupid and fruitless way to be, it's your job to rise above and not let the mudslingers get you down. How? Deep breath, centering your attention on yourself and your goals, aromatherapy, a cup of tea (always 👍🍵), a walk in nature... just realize that what you are for this person is a mirror to reflect their issues back, and what you are for yourself is a star shooting to the top. So keep flying high and leave the mud to the lotuses so they can bloom when they're ready. 🌸✌💗 #inspiration #wakeup #aspiration #motivation #meditation #yoga #yogalife #psychicvampire #metaphysical #mentalhealth #consciousness #spiritual #spiritjunkie #newage #riseabove #riseup #riseagainst #higherself #highconsciousness #beyoutiful
  • I love @stealtimeback with their awesome idea to hack time to get you present in the moment! Seriously the more I've grown the more I realize that I am unlearning all the conditioning of time mattering. When do I put my kids to bed? Not at a specific time- when its dark/when they've lost their minds and are
  • I truly believe this and by this manifesta I live my life and teach my kids. That yoga education I was privileged enough to afford (seriously, sometimes I don't know how but it happened!!!) I share it because it is such a blessing to me and I want everyone to have its benefits while I know not a lot of people can afford yoga classes or don't have schedules to permit their public participation (including myself time to time)! The things I buy and come up on during my life - I am so fortunate and when I know that it is just another accessory for me but something awesome and special to someone else, I totally pass it on because I know how it feels to be blessed with someone's gifts and how having a lot of things doesn't make happiness. Sure it feels good to have shit, but it feels better to give it to people who are excited about it! And all the info I have that I've acquired from living and existing, I really seek to give away! What good is a brain full of knowledge when it isn't shared? What good is hoping to make money off of knowledge and hoarding it to myself when really, it is available for anyone and what makes this knowledge unique is my interpretation but to me it is trivia and to someone else it is life changing? I also believe that the more you share, the more you care and the more others will care for you (or reveal themselves to you). It's not that you should
  • Sometimes things are tough. Sometimes you feel like shit only gets worse and you peaked years ago- and people tell you to hold on like its going to get better but you've been in some shit ass place for so long you don't even remember what it feels like to be happy, you don't know if the light still shines, and you don't even care as long as it means the suffering and frustration and pain will end- or even just diminish slightly. But I do believe that if you put your desires into action, act on behalf of your desire to be happy, to be free, that everything will be okay. I believe that partially because I have to but also because it has been so for me in th
  • Loving these #halloween giveaways like @disturbed_jewel and @deathcandy giving away this sweet sterling silver skull with black CZ eyes! Yes!!! I love sharing artists and giveaways because its so exciting to learn about all the amazing things people around the world are doing and possibly get hooked up for free! Also, Halloween is my freakin favorite time of year so hell to the yes! Go check out @deathcandy for more info and @disturbed_jewel for dope jewellery! :) yay!
  • I get tears in my ears from lying on my back crying over you... 🎶 My grandpa always used to sing this to me when I would cry for any reason. He had a song for everything and sang almost everything he said- which wasn't much. Miss him deeply. :) #selfie #tearsinmyears #nastygal #grunge #nugrunge #limecrime #reflections #memories 💗
  • It's not always about who is the best, but rather who is tirelessly working to make their dreams into a reality. You have to dedicate yourself constantly, daily to the cause (YOUR cause) and that's all willpower. If you think of literally anything in your life that you acquire, it comes down to priorities and will. So really, it's do you want to find a way? What do you want to prioritize? There is no shame in prioritizing Not Your Dreams if that's okay with you. Some people are happy where they're at and that's awesome! For people that aren't there yet and need the inspiration, that's still okay to shameLESSLY put your dreams aside sometimes. Sometimes I'm like
  • Farm box had so much delicious fruit! Yay! I can't believe I waited like 8 years to get a CSA box because it is absolutely wonderful!  You can pick what you want in there based on what's in season and available, you can order more or less, and if you had lots of friends and stuff, you could potentially get your boxes for free when they sign up via your referral link! Plus I like getting packages so its super fun to open your door in the morning and find a box of health and wellness grown locally, organically, sustainably and with lots of love right there on your doorstep! Also this is the best food oh my glob! The apples are so fresh, even the pears which I normally don't like are delicious! Ugh so fresh it's amazing! So anyway, fall fruits = pomegranates, pears, and apples! I also got some greens and such but since I store the fruit separately that's what got photographed. :) what are you snacking on?! #farmfreshtoyou #farm #fresh #fruits #rawvegan #vegan #801010 #fruitarian #paleo #cleaneating #eatclean #cleanse #detox #healthy #healing #holistic #nutrition #csa #csabox #delivery #fitfood #fitness #nourish

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